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The 2023 Nevada Legislative Session will begin on February 3rd, 2025 or as the clock indicates


What Makes i3 Different?

Effective Networking

i3 Public Affairs facilitates “effective networking” with federal, state and local government officials that match our client’s goals and objectives; enhances relationships with elected officials; promotes events that assist with introductions of our strategic partners and guides clients to collaborate with the best matches for their business goals.

Trusted Legacy

i3 Public Affairs has more than 42 years of combined government relations experience advocating for our clients at the federal, state and local governments levels. A solid reputation built and sustained on performance. Our team members have worked in and with State of Nevada local governments and enjoy relationships with all departments.

In-depth Expertise

i3 Public Affairs has an excellent reputation for their knowledge regarding research on industries, agencies and issues; representation for state and local entities; policy research including message development and analyzing data; public affairs including coalition building, initiatives, campaigns and community relations; as well as strategies for professional organizations and non-profits.

Relationships with Nevada's Governments, People, And Policies

i3 Public Affairs brings together over four decades of diverse experience in government relations. We know government. We know how it works. We know how to get the job done. Based on experience at the highest levels of government, i3 Public Affairs provides our clients with the knowledge of the people, the policies and processes of government.

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🗳️It's Primary Election Day! 🗳️ The I3 Public Affairs team has cast their ballots to help shape Nevada's future. 🗣️ Have you voted yet? 🤨

I3 Public Affairs

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Traveling hat is on the move! 💨🚙 #i3publicaffairs #travelinghat #nvleg Peter Krueger Wyred Insights

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3 months 2 days ago

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Based on 42 years of combined government relations experience at the highest levels of federal government, i3 Public Affairs provides our clients with the knowledge of the people, the policies and processes of government.

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